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Campbell's® StockPot® is where inspiration and innovation lead to fresh ideas.

Creativity is something you can see, smell and taste. Our chefs love to showcase their passion for great food and quality ingredients. Our soups, sauces, chilis and marinades bring together the finest ingredients to yield amazing and diverse recipes. Bringing authentic flavors from around the world to your patrons.

Creativity and authenticity have always been at the forefront of every Campbell’s® StockPot® soup inspiration.
Our efforts and dedication to scratch quality soup shine through in every artistic spoonful, making Campbell’s® StockPot® soups simple to menu, store, prepare and sell. We’ll always remain true to our passion and commitment to top quality. Our pantry stands stocked with authentic ingredients including fire-roasted poblanos, Wehani rice, hot smoked Spanish paprika and spicy Mexican chorizo. With innovative recipes ranging from traditional classics and time-honored flavors from around the world to the latest culinary trends, we’ll never settle for anything shy of exceptional.